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كُرْسي ذو دَواليب للمُقْعَدين
křeslo na kolečkách
tekerlekli iskemle


[ˈbɑːθˌtʃɛəʳ] n (Brit) → poltrona a rotelle
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(baːθ) plural baths (baːðz) noun
1. a large container for holding water in which to wash the whole body. I'll fill the bath with water for you.
2. an act of washing in a bath. I had a bath last night.
3. a container of liquid etc in which something is immersed. a bird bath.
to wash in a bath. I'll bath the baby.
ˌbathˈchair noun
a kind of wheeled chair for an invalid.
ˈbathroom noun
1. a room in a house etc which contains a bath.
2. (especially American) a lavatory.
ˈbathtub noun
a bath (for washing in).
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References in classic literature ?
Yet at mid-day, when I saw Miss Mary in her bathchair, Arthurs behind and Baxter and Miss Elizabeth on either side, in the park-like grounds of the Hydro, I found it difficult to arrange my words.
Scarlett Thomas tips Miss Marple out of her bathchair and nicks Inspector Morse's Zimmer frame.
Charlie Chaplin was having babies when other blokes are at the bathchair stage.
As well as songs, the website includes an animated history of Nasty Habbits, complete with caricatures of the elderly rockers enjoying tea and buns and travelling to gigs in a bathchair.
Take a look at raddled Rolling Stone Keith Richards (62), bathchair Beatle Paul McCartney (64) and jowly Mick Jagger (63)
Yes, he agreed, but the more typical writer ends up as a toothless old wreck in a bathchair, shakily fingering the screw-cap to the quarter bottle of gin under the tartan folds of his dressing-gown, while eternally hoping that, in the pitying smiles of strangers, there is remembrance of his one published novel.
Dr Charles Bloxsome was the owner and is pictured here in his 1905 'Locomobile'.; NEVER TOO YOUNG: Beryl and Gwynneth Edmonds try their hand in a three-wheeler bathchair at Croft House.; DRESSING UP: bikes and trikes decorated in carnival colours were always a popular competition class, as this 1925 photo shows; BEHIND THE WHEEL: there's a trio of wheels for the Peyman brothers, pictured here in 1900.
Among the delectations on show will be a float from the musical Cats, a 19th-century bathchair pushed by nurses (what a super wheeze for an old lady with two artificial hips,) Jack and the Beanstalk and a cart with chickens, courtesy of the Poultry Club of Great Britain.
Other vehicles on show at the Cars and Boats and Bikes and Things exhibition include a Merseyside Police BMW motorcycle, a 1902 Davies horse-drawn oil tanker, a bathchair made by Adeline Watt of Speke Hall around 1900.