bathroom tissue

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toi′let pa`per

a soft, lightweight paper used in bathrooms for personal cleansing after defecation or urination. Also called toi′let tis`sue.
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Noun1.bathroom tissue - a soft thin absorbent paper for use in toiletsbathroom tissue - a soft thin absorbent paper for use in toilets
tissue paper, tissue - a soft thin (usually translucent) paper
toilet roll - a roll of toilet paper
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GreenHarvest offerings include Kleenex hard roll towel and Kleenex Cottonelle coreless standard roll bathroom tissue made with 20 percent bamboo fiber, and Scott multi-fold towels, standard roll bathroom tissue, coreless JRT Jr.
Bathroom tissue paper is taxed in Massachusetts at 6.
After years of economic dysfunction, the country has gotten used to shortages of medicines and basic food items like milk and sugar but the scarcity of bathroom tissue has caused unusual alarm.
For this long-running campaign, Strategic Objectives has taken an unconventional approach: The firm produces an annual fashion show and a series of high-quality fashion photography of garments crafted entirely of Cashmere bathroom tissue by top Canadian designers.
for Cottonelle and Scott 1000 bathroom tissue will increase approximately 7%, effective June 19, 2011.
BRUSSELS, January 17, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Georgia-Pacific, one of the leading producers of tissue, paper, packaging and building products in the world, launches Aqua Tube(TM) in Europe, the first ever fully flushable, biodegradable bathroom tissue center tube, replacing the traditional cardboard core and offering consumers enhanced comfort and convenience.
This bathroom tissue takes being green to a whole new level," said Bum Boosa[TM] President and Co-founder Sonja J.
EVER-GREEN, A SOFT AND ABSORBENT BATHROOM TISSUE, is being launched by Green Bay, Wis.
Net selling prices for Huggies diapers, Pull-Ups training pants, Cottonelle and Scott bathroom tissue, Viva towels and Kleenex facial tissue will increase on average between 6 and 8 percent, with implementation timing ranging from July 20, 2008 to August 31, 2008.
The daily production based on recycled fiber will be 80 to 100 short tons per day of high-quality towel and bathroom tissue grades.
Paper goods - cups, plates, napkins, bathroom tissue, facial tissues and lunch bags.
The converting lines, which are expected to start-up gradually later in 2004, will produce bathroom tissue and paper napkins.