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 (băth′ĭ-skăf′, -skāf′) also bath·y·scaph (-skăf′)
A free-diving deep-sea vessel consisting of a large flotation hull with a crewed observation capsule attached to its underside, usually capable of reaching the deepest parts of the ocean.

[bathy- + Greek skaphos, boat.]
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(ˈbæθ əˌskeɪf, -ˌskæf)

also bath•y•scaph




a navigable, submersible vessel for exploring the depths of the ocean, usu. having a spherical observation chamber under the hull.
[1947; < French, =bathy- bathy-]
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(băth′ĭ-skăf′, băth′ĭ-skāf′)
A free-diving vessel used to explore the ocean at great depths. Bathyscaphes have a large floating hull attached to a round observation capsule that can hold one or more people.
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bathyscaphe, bathyscape, bathyscaph

Oceanography. a small, modified submarine for deep-sea exploration, usually having a spherical observation chamber fixed under a buoyancy chamber.
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a vessel for exploring the depths of the oceans.
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Noun1.bathyscaphe - navigable deep diving vessel for underwater explorationbathyscaphe - navigable deep diving vessel for underwater exploration
submersible - an apparatus intended for use under water
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Former US Navy submariner and explorer Don Walsh and Swiss Engineer Jacques Piccard were the first to reach the Mariana Trench in 1960 in their submersible, the bathyscaphe Trieste.&nbsp;&nbsp;
It ultimately educates the scientist, archaeologist, or intrepid explorer by giving a wider perspective on terrain and overall exploration layout without needing to unnecessarily disturb natural habitats with the use and hefty cost of a full-size bathyscaphe, helicopter, or submarine.
Another dive watch that made big waves at Baselworld was the Blancpain Fifty Fathoms Bathyscaphe Day Date 70s limited-edition automatic watch that has a power reserve of 120 hours.
Those two or three days before the funeral, it was as if I were looking at everything through a bathyscaphe porthole.
From leading the bathyscaphe Trieste's 1960 mission to the bottom of Challenger Deep in the Mariana Trench, to developing one of the earliest classes of undersea vehicles in the 1960s, the Cable-controlled Underwater Recovery Vehicle (CURV), and creating the Mobile Detection and Response System (MDARS) in 1989, one of the first developments in autonomous vehicles, the Center has played a leading role in the field since its early days.
Auguste Piccard's bathyscaphe, FNRS-2 which reaches a depth of 3131.80 meters.
His grandfather Auguste (1884A[degrees] - 1982) built the first bathyscaphe, explored the stratosphere at 16,000m and was the first to see the curvature of the earth's surA[degrees] face with his own eyes.
Navy-operated bathyscaphe Trieste carried two men to the deepest known point in the Pacific Ocean, reaching a depth of more than 35,000 feet.
The Blancpain Fifty Fathoms Bathyscaphe Flyback Chronograph, introduced at Baselworld last year, is the first Blancpain watch with a high-frequency 36,000-vph movement.
Limited to 250 pieces, the Ocean Commitment Bathyscaphe Chronographe Flyback features Blancpain's latest in-house movement and a special gray ceramic case and blue dial and bezel.
Auguste Piccard had built the bathyscaphe Trieste, a windowed sphere suspended under a blimplike structure filled with thousands of gallons of gasoline.
Cameron's dive was the only one of its kind since the bathyscaphe Trieste's pioneering manned dive in 1960 at the same location.