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Noun1.baton twirler - someone who twirls a batonbaton twirler - someone who twirls a baton    
drum majorette, majorette - a female baton twirler who accompanies a marching band
performer, performing artist - an entertainer who performs a dramatic or musical work for an audience
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bolt action--the rifleman tosses the baton twirler into the sky.
Written by the director/choreographer of over 200 regional theater productions, "Gollywood Here I Come!" is the illustrated story of a talented young turkey baton twirler named Anamazie Marie LaBelle who becomes a turkey movie star in Gollywood!
Boy band Parafuse were among the hopefuls Ignite - dancers Olivia, Keera and Olivia, from Barry Baton twirler Christina Blackwill was all smiles Some of the wannabe stars waiting outside the Mercure Holland House Hotel in Cardiff at the weekend
"Previous winners include a baton twirler, an eyebrow dancer, a piano playing singer, Morris dancers, and singers.
I AM troupe leader of the Sapphire Twirlers, a baton twirler troupe, which for several years has travelled from Wiltshire up to Berwick-upon-Tweed.
What it doesn't need is endless examples of Cute Kid syndrome or touching - but not remotely entertaining - turns such as the male baton twirler who have a hard luck story that everyone can patronise by letting them through to the next round.
A writer I know recently described something as "gayer than reading the new issue of Details in your leather chaps." Another told me something was "as gay as a baton twirler in the pride parade."
He quickly stripped down to his bright-white boxer shorts, tied 'em to the muzzle of his shotgun and started waving his flag like a baton twirler in a parade.
A 16-year-old high school baton twirler complained of long-standing low back pain, which usually occurred after she engaged in tumbling or twirling exercises and subsided by the time she went to bed.
Finally, six remained: the dancer who practically flew when he leaped; the ballerina who performed an elegant classical solo on pointe; the expressive dancer who could spin with fire; the stiltwalker who could cover the stage with one single long-limbed stride; the baton twirler and her animated baton; the dancer with some voice training and a face seemingly destined for clown white.
Audiences new to it aren't likely to notice that it sometimes seems a little bit like a very talented baton twirler on the stage of Carnegie Hall.
"A very high-quality baton twirler," Uncle Harris went on.