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In the old times of the great Northwest Company, when the trade in furs was pursued chiefly about the lakes and rivers, the expeditions were carried on in batteaux and canoes.
The goods destined for this wide and wandering traffic were put up at the warehouses of the company in Montreal, and conveyed in batteaux, or boats and canoes, up the river Attawa, or Ottowa, which falls into the St.
These include Adam's Rangers, MacKay's Loyal Volunteers, Munro's Batteaux Company, Jessup's King's Loyal Americans (not to be confused with the later Jessup's Loyal Rangers), and Peter's Queen's Loyal Rangers to name a few.
249] Andre Derain, Batteaux a Collioure, dated 1905; {AAR0240} (36) [pp.
Batteaux hardly qualified as an auspicious address for a young lord of good standing or his lady.
No dia 13 de julho indica Hegel sua primeira visita a biblioteca local descrevendo os procedimentos de emprestimo e leitura e que nesse dia pela falta de outras possibilidades leu o trecho sobre a epopeia de Batteaux (1974) em Introducao as belas ciencias.
But, over time, they also introduced other modes of water transportation to Canada, including batteaux, York boats, and steamships.
The town's mayor Joel Batteaux said: "Naval construction is a family that knows how to share its glories and its difficult moments but it's never been as hard as this."
Lesquelles bergeres, a la descente des magnifiques batteaux (sur lesquels, venant de Bayonne a cette isle, l'on fust tousjours accompagne de la musique de plusieurs dieux marins, chantants et recitants des vers autour du batteau de Leurs Majestez) s'estoient trouve chaque trouppe en un pre a part, aux deux costez d'une grande allee de pelouse dressee pour aller a la susdite sale, chaque trouppe dansant a la facon de son pais : les Poitevines avec la cornemuse; les Provencales la volte avec les cimballes ; les Bourguignones et Champenoises avec le petit haut-bois, le dessus de violon et tabourins de village ; les Bretonnes dansants les passe-pieds et branles-gais ; et ainsi toutes les autres provinces.
In May we made all due preparations in puting canoes in order, making Batteaux, making Pemican and packing Furs, and by the 15th were all ready to embark for our rendezvouz at Grand Portage.
Known as batteaux, these boats carried cargo and passengers and were usually 30 feet long and weighed hundreds of pounds.