batten down

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Verb1.batten down - furnish with battens; "batten ships"
beef up, fortify, strengthen - make strong or stronger; "This exercise will strengthen your upper body"; "strengthen the relations between the two countries"

w>batten down

vt sep to batten down the hatchesdie Luken schalken (spec)or dicht machen; (fig: = close doors, windows) → alles dicht machen; (= prepare oneself)sich auf etwas gefasst machen
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But as you prepare to batten down the hatches spare a thought for any elderly residents who might need a helping hand.
Instead of rain the show was hit by high winds, with tradestands warned the night before to batten down the hatches.
SHELL have warned of more job cuts as the energy giant batten down the hatches for a "prolonged downturn" in oil prices.
FIERCE gale force winds battered the country last night as coastal towns prepare to batten down the hatches over the weekend.
These new tools will allow users to check up on their online activity and, if required, batten down the hatches.
We'll need to batten down the hatches and hope we can produce a solid performance.
ALAN PARDEW claimed Newcastle's first-half display was as good as he's seen as Toon boss - but admitted they had to batten down the hatches to stop a Cardiff comeback.
5% on our council tax plus extra car park costs the council should, as they say, batten down the hatches and ride out the storm and not be spending on silly roundabouts.
The intimate Wolverhampton venue was the latest stopoff where it was necessary to batten down the hatches with 'sold-out' signs.
It is time for public sector trade unions to concentrate on home issues and batten down the hatches to ride out the storm due to hit on May 7.
35pm The residents of an Arizona town are forced to batten down the hatches and reach for the flame-throwers when mutant spiders are created by a toxic waste spill but the rampaging arachnids have 11'ed an insatiable appetite for human flesh.
IT might be time to batten down the storm hatches but that hasn't stopped car makers unveiling their topless models for 2010.