battered child syndrome

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bat·tered child syndrome

A combination of physical injuries or conditions, such as broken bones, bruises, burns, and malnutrition, experienced by a child as a result of gross abuse, usually by a parent or other caregiver.

bat′tered child′ syn`drome

the array of physical injuries exhibited by young children who have been beaten repeatedly or otherwise abused by their parents or guardians.

bat·tered child syndrome

n. síndrome del niño maltratado, continuo abuso físico o psicológico infringido en un niño por sus padres o por un guardián encargado de su cuidado.
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The landmark article describing the Battered Child Syndrome was published in 1962.
The radiologic findings in battered child syndrome.
Kinky hair syndrome: serial study of radiologic findings with emphasis on the similarity to the battered child syndrome.
Battered child syndrome (BCS), which was originally intended to be a helpful tool for physicians, has evolved into a cunning instrument for prosecutors and a clever trump card for parricide defendants.
Nearly twenty volumes of testimony was offered, not to prove that the mother conformed to a stereotypical "profile", but a well recognized medical diagnosis, MSBP, a relative of battered child syndrome.
Further, the standard account masks the transformation of child protection discourse over time, instead imagining a continuity between the cruelty of the 1870s and the battered child syndrome of the 1960s.
5) When evaluating the guilt or innocence of the accused, jurors were urged to consider battered child syndrome in the Menendez trial and battered woman syndrome in the Bobbitt trial.