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Noun1.batting glove - a glove worn by batters in baseball to give a firmer grip on the batbatting glove - a glove worn by batters in baseball to give a firmer grip on the bat
baseball equipment - equipment used in playing baseball
glove - handwear: covers the hand and wrist
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Lauder; Irving Franklin, inventor of the modern baseball batting glove.
jpg" alt="Boston Red Sox David Ortiz pulls off his batting glove after flying out against the Texas Rangers during the sixth inning of American League MLB baseball action in Arlington, Texas July 22, 2009.
While balancing his bat on his right shoulder, he yanks his batting glove with his left hand.
The Greptile material is sewn into a high-quality leather batting glove to give competitive players an edge over traditional gloves.
The washable cabretta leather Bionic Gardening Gloves (made by the company that manufactures Louisville Slugger baseball bats) were ergonomically designed by a hand surgeon and fit as snug as a batting glove.
The official batting glove of major league baseball and its "Learn From a Pro" clinic stopped at 18 different MLB ballparks throughout the summer.
SRI LANKA says Australian cricketer Adam Gilchrist's use of a squash ball inside his batting glove in the World Cup final was unethical and they plans to raise the issue at the International Cricket Council.
What is the difference between using an earpiece and carrying out a batting glove with a message?
It's pretty sore, there's no way I could get a batting glove on.
Franklin Sports, the official batting glove of Major League Baseball, has reached a major milestone in brand history, the 30th Anniversary of the Franklin Batting Glove.
I almost felt the crunch, though I don't know if was just the Velcro on my batting glove," Middlebrooks said of getting hit by a pitch from Indians reliever Esmil Rogers in the ninth inning Friday night.
Franklin Sports is proud to be The batting glove that held the bat of Miguel Cabrera for each and every swing of this historic accomplishment.