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Noun1.batting helmet - a helmet worn by the batter in baseballbatting helmet - a helmet worn by the batter in baseball
baseball equipment - equipment used in playing baseball
helmet - a protective headgear made of hard material to resist blows
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The Phillies traded Gamble to the Cleveland Indians in November 1972, and Gamble gained a measure of fame while with the Indians for his large Afro, a hairdo that made it difficult for him to put on his batting helmet.
The Warriors were playing a Friday afternoon game at Drain when he was struck in the left temple by a pitch that grazed his batting helmet and knocked him to the ground.
Tim Orrell, in his familiar batting helmet and glasses, has powered to a Drakes League best of 727 runs so far for Mirfield Parish Cavaliers
former |Warwickshire cricketer Dennis Amiss in his batting helmet in the summer of 1979 cricketer Dennis batting helmet
England's Dennis Amiss, who had struggled against Australia's celebrated fast-bowling duo of Dennis Lillee and Jeff Thomson during the 1974/75 Ashes, was a pioneer of the batting helmet.
Fans gave the three-time NL MVP a partial standing ovation, and he acknowledged the spectators by tipping his red batting helmet as he approached the dugout.
and during hitting practice, Mickey Mantle donned a batting helmet.
The Rawlings S100 Pro Comp batting helmet can sustain pitches of 100mph and
Evaluating the true performance of a CU based on CAMEL is analogous to sending a baseball player to the All Star Game because he showed up to the stadium on time, didn't miss curfew and had a shiny batting helmet.
Incidentally, Botham declined to wear a batting helmet, despite the pacy attack, and his hooks off Lillee seemed all the more 'boy's own stuff' for that.