battle of Cynoscephalae

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Noun1.battle of Cynoscephalae - the battle that ended the second Macedonian War (197 BC); the Romans defeated Philip V who lost his control of Greece
Thessalia, Thessaly - a fertile plain on the Aegean Sea in east central Greece; Thessaly was a former region of ancient Greece
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Some of those have remained in my mind like a kind of dangling reference: the sentence "Cynoscephalae, ladies, sigh no tom-moore" (35), where allusion is made to (a) "dog-headed Irish slips" two lines higher, (b) the battle of Cynoscephalae, (c) "Sigh no more, ladies, sigh no more" from Much Ado about Nothing, and (d) Thomas Moore, the author of patriotic Irish songs, cannot be given (or at least I have not so far been able to give it) an equivalent in French, and so it stands today: "Cynocephales, Mesdames, sinon ce falot tom-moore.