battle plan

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Noun1.battle plan - plan for conducting a battlebattle plan - plan for conducting a battle  
plan of action - a plan for actively doing something
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A part of their strategy is to overhaul and redevelop their CRM program to reflect their new battle plan and new look.
One person's life on any side was worth more than any good or bad battle plan.
PROPOSALS for a new battle plan to help protect Northumberland's coast will go before councillors next week.
ONE hundred years of the glorious dead With many things, that must be said In foreign lands they fought and died Young, and old men, side by side In battlefields, unfit for man It's top brass with their battle plan "Come on me lads" it won't take long But history says how they were wrong With thousands dying day on day The head count never goes away So rest in peace you glorious dead For us you died, for us you bled With passing time things fade away But we'll never forget Come Remembrance Day by Bill Collins, Bromborough
LEICESTER are busy drawing up a battle plan for next season's assault on the Premier League - with a PS1.
The first part of said battle plan was aid for the bank PSA Finance, which is wholly owned by the PSA Peugeot Citroen group.
He will claim that the centre ground in British politics is the Lib Dems' home as he maps out his battle plan ahead of the next election.
The group of wealthy United fans have said they do not expect to make a bid for the club before the end of the season but are now drawing up a detailed battle plan.
Summary: Health ministers from the Group of Seven most industrialized nations and Mexico met Friday to set out a battle plan against the swine flu pandemic, which threatens to worsen.
Business Law Battle Plan for Entrepreneurs: Protect Your Company From Lawyers, Lawsuits, and Legal Disasters" is a guide for the small business owner to navigating the legal minefields of the business world.
Startup guide to guerrilla marketing; a simple battle plan for first-time marketers.
But the success of Ford's gamble not only rests on the shoulders of CEO Alan Mulally or Chairman Bill Ford, it rests on the shoulders of every designer, engineer and assembly line worker, who will have to step up yet again and create and act on a battle plan that raises the bar on innovation, quality and profitability.