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v. bawled, bawl·ing, bawls
1. To cry or sob loudly; wail. See Synonyms at cry.
2. To cry out loudly and vehemently; shout.
To utter in a loud, vehement voice. See Synonyms at yell.
A loud, bellowing cry; a wail.
Phrasal Verb:
bawl out Informal
To reprimand loudly or harshly.

[Middle English bawlen, to bark, from Medieval Latin baulāre, to bark (probably of Scandinavian origin) or from Old Norse baula, to low (of imitative origin).]

bawl′er n.
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Noun1.bawling - loud cries made while weepingbawling - loud cries made while weeping  
crying, tears, weeping - the process of shedding tears (usually accompanied by sobs or other inarticulate sounds); "I hate to hear the crying of a child"; "she was in tears"


A fit of crying:
blubbering, cry, sobbing, tear (used in plural), wailing, weeping.
References in classic literature ?
A small ragged girl dragged a red, bawling infant along the crowded ways.
And presently men selling unnaturally early newspapers came bawling into the street:
bawling in front of their booths, and yokels looking up at the tinselled dancers and poor old rouged tumblers, while the light-fingered folk are operating upon their pockets behind.
Hussey hurried towards an open door leading to the kitchen, and bawling out clam for two, disappeared.
Another, the commander of the brigade, was galloping about bawling.
There was such a bawling and screaming--the Fir Tree alone was silent, and he thought to himself, "Am I not to bawl with the rest?
Anyhow, there I was, about morning-time when you were thinking of having your cup of tea, trussed up like a fowl in the middle of the village, and all the natives, beastly creatures, promenading round me and making faces and bawling out things - oh, it was beastly I can tell you
All round the coasts of Europe that morning banjos were ringing, voices were bawling and singing, children were playing in the sun, pleasure-boats went to and fro; the common abundant life of the time, unsuspicious of all dangers that gathered darkly against it, flowed on its cheerful aimless way.
Butteridge was knee-deep in the water, bawling immensely.
He was bawling at me and he said,'You're leaving and your son is leaving with you.
But he says that, if the Italian comes away from the King Power Stadium this afternoon bawling, he will be happy.
Still on the bawl Any notion that St Mirren's Alex Rae may have mellowed after copping a ban for bawling out a ref was blown away as he looked on from the stand at Alloa.