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Noun1.Baya - common Indian weaverbirdbaya - common Indian weaverbird    
weaver finch, weaverbird, weaver - finch-like African and Asian colonial birds noted for their elaborately woven nests
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"A professional player needs to be regimented and disciplined, not merely for his sake, but for the sake of the sport he plays," Baya said.
But Rabai MP William Kamoti, Ken Chonga (Kilifi South) and Baya have stood with ODM and seem to be working closely with Joho.
[beaucoup plus grand que] Journaliste et realisatrice, Mme Baya El-Hachemi, connue pour ses documentaires et series a caractere social, declare : [beaucoup moins que] C'est immense !
Baya is considered one of the most distinguished exports from Tunisia who made an impact as an attacking midfielder, first in the Bundesliga with SC Freiburg and then in Turkey with Besiktas.
Baya hit out at some of the MPs for working with county neighbours against their own leaders and asked outsiders to respect local leaders when they come to the county.
This angered Baya and an argument ensued," Mr Ochieng said.The argument led to a fight which saw the suspect reach out for a machete and hacked Katana, killing him instantly.
Baya then repeated eight minutes into the second half before Gabe Mendoza sealed it for UP, which has a chance to regain the title after yielding it to Ateneo last season, in the 82nd.
Baya and Mwambire said the residents deserved to get back their land and promised to push for justice.
class="MsoNormalA Mr Anthony Chai Baya, who is still being pursued by detectives, is said to have conspired with Malindi court clerks Roba Jarsan Jara and Driscillah Wanjala Mwamburi to have the documents deposited in a Malindi court as securities stolen.
A statement for BOC cited today that "a force of the brigade (13) in the fourth federal police Division arrested a Syrian terrorist, wearing an explosive belt was purports to target innocent citizens in the Baya area."
He said it was also not clear if these are the same armed men who abducted and freed 19-year-old Mark Anthony Baya of Midsayap, North Cotabato province, in August.