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1. Any of various shrubs of the genus Myrica, having aromatic foliage and small round fruits with a waxy covering.
2. The fruit of these trees.

[bay + berry.]
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(ˈbeɪbərɪ) or


n, pl -ries
1. (Plants) any of several North American aromatic shrubs or small trees of the genus Myrica, that bear grey waxy berries: family Myricaceae. See also wax myrtle
2. (Plants) Also called: bay rum tree a tropical American myrtaceous tree, Pimenta racemosa, that yields an oil used in making bay rum
3. (Plants) the fruit of any of these plants
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(ˈbeɪˌbɛr i, -bə ri)

n., pl. -ries.
1. any of several often aromatic trees or shrubs of the genus Myrica, of NE North America, bearing a grayish-white berry covered with a wax used in candle making.
2. the berry of such a plant.
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Noun1.bayberry - West Indian treebayberry - West Indian tree; source of bay rum
genus Pimenta, Pimenta - allspice tree
tree - a tall perennial woody plant having a main trunk and branches forming a distinct elevated crown; includes both gymnosperms and angiosperms
2.bayberry - deciduous aromatic shrub of eastern North America with grey-green wax-coated berriesbayberry - deciduous aromatic shrub of eastern North America with grey-green wax-coated berries
wax myrtle - any shrub or small tree of the genus Myrica with aromatic foliage and small wax-coated berries
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