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abbreviation for
(Telecommunications) be back later


pl. bbls.
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Noun1.bbl - any of various units of capacitybbl - any of various units of capacity; "a barrel of beer is 31 gallons and a barrel of oil is 42 gallons"
United States liquid unit - a liquid unit officially adopted in the United States Customary System
British capacity unit, Imperial capacity unit - a unit of measure for capacity officially adopted in the British Imperial System; British units are both dry and wet
gal, gallon - United States liquid unit equal to 4 quarts or 3.785 liters
congius, Imperial gallon, gallon - a British imperial capacity measure (liquid or dry) equal to 4 quarts or 4.545 liters
hogshead - a British unit of capacity for alcoholic beverages
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Basilan Governor Jum Jainudin Akbar similarly backed the BBL, noting that her constituents are happy and hopeful that lasting peace can be finally achieved.
As the developer of the BBL technology, Sciton remains committed to investments not only in the equipment but in the science required to inform the development of meaningful applications for it.
Under coach Tony Garbelotto, the Tigers had a truly magnificent year, and aside from the BBL Cup - where they lost the final - the team won the three other titles available in the sport.
BBL TROPHY: Sheffield Sharks 97 (Reinking 22, Stewart 20, Phoenix 14) Chester Jets 98 (McCord 29, Nurse 21, Davis 20), Thames Valley 97 (Bailey 25, New/Meldrum 19) Plymouth Raiders 94 (Wellington 21, Beasley 20), Teesside Mohawks 87 Scottish Rocks 109.
Every one of us can help because the passage of the BBL is of national interest.
Members of the ruling Liberal Party and allies of President Benigno Aquino voted on the BBL draft, Rodriguez said.
The Eagles play-caller had already earned November's award and picks up his latest prize after he led his team to the first piece of silverware of the year - the BBL Cup.
The Eagles, led by player-coach Fab Flournoy, ended a run of two straight defeats in BBL Cup finals at Birmingham's Barclaycard Arena as they downed Glasgow Rocks 84-71.
Each member of the BBL team is highly respected in the industry," said Casey Brown, president and chief executive officer.
He informed that currently a branch of the BBL is functioning in Hyderabad whereas branches would soon be established in Sukkur, Larkana, Mirpurkhas and other cities.
We think that Alliance Oil's total 2011 crude production will be19 mln bbl (slightly below the company's 20 mln bbl target), implying an 18% YoY increase.
A) announced today that The Toronto Stock Exchange (the "Exchange") has accepted a notice filed by BBL of its intention to make a Normal Course Issuer Bid (the "Bid").