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Noun1.beach chair - a folding chair for use outdoorsbeach chair - a folding chair for use outdoors; a wooden frame supports a length of canvas
folding chair - a chair that can be folded flat for storage
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An endangered sea turtle was found dead at Bon Secour National Wildlife Refuge beach in Fort Morgan, Alabama, with an abandoned folded beach chair wrapped around its neck.
Schure Loc XPS currently outperforms similar equipment for shoulder surgery in both the beach chair and lateral position.
com) Disposable cups [euro]1.50 for 10 ( Ceramic bottles [euro]12.50 ( 10 beach hut line lights [euro]19.50 ( Nautical striped bunting, [euro]8.10 Homebase ( Regatta picnic rug [euro]9.25 ( 'Home Tweet Home' hanging sign [euro]3.50 ( Beach chair [euro]23.25 ( Summer sundae 8-piece ice cream bowl set [euro]6.75 (
"Beach Chair Diaries: Summer Tales from Maine to Maui" is a collection of seaside anecdotes reflecting on life at the beachfront.
Banknorth Group, Portland, Maine, gave customers who opened a deposit account their choice of a free beach umbrella, beach chair or cooler as part of a summer promotion entitled, "SimplyFree Beach Basics." "We wanted to create a promotion that gave customers a choice of gifts and multiple ways to win," says Barbara Bourgault of The VIA Group, the agency that created the campaign.
Another way you might approach this is to see if someone on this web site has a beach chair they are not using.
Amid much bantering, they ooze through the shore-edge mud, and smoothly transfer me into a beach chair attached to a plywood platform that sits firmly in the center of the raft.
There is one style of beach chair involved in the recall, which was affecting about 33,400 of them in total.
For the majority of shoulder operations, the surgeon must choose from basically two positions that afford access to the shoulder: lateral decubitus position or beach chair position.
A white beach chair on its side conveyed the impression of a recently abandoned pool; its height also contrasted with the other elements to structure the space, forming a composition to be read from various angles, a kind of three-dimensional painting.
This floating beach chair provides users with an easy transfer from lounging on the beach to floating in the ocean or pool.
com, 0844 561 6161) Disposable cups PS1.25 for 10 ( Ceramic bottles PS10 (, 0844 844 8000) 10 beach hut line lights PS16 (, 0844 844 8000) Nautical striped bunting, PS6.99 Homebase (, 0845 077 8888) Regatta picnic rug PS8 ( 'Home Tweet Home' hanging sign PS3 (, 0845 330 3330) Beach chair PS20 ( Summer sundae 8-piece ice cream bowl set PS5 (