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a large light brightly coloured ball for playing with on a beach


or beach′ ball`,

a large, light, buoyant ball, used for games at the seashore, swimming pools, etc.
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Noun1.beachball - large and light ballbeachball - large and light ball; for play at the seaside
ball - a spherical object used as a plaything; "he played with his rubber ball in the bathtub"
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Woken' Matt and Wyatt did their best to get fans invested in their clash, but sadly many in the audience were preoccupied with chanting about clowns throwing a beachball around.
Families flocked to the Bahrain Yacht Club for Saturday's Beachball 2017 open day to share a passion for water sports.
BEST PLAYERS PLAYED WITH AND AGAINST: Played with some belters, I often say Marty Robinson could meg a mermaid in a phonebox with a beachball, Craig McCraken as well, he could score in a monastery, lazy fella and runs like he's treading water but he knows where the net is.
In the new wilderness activities, Runescape recalls players' favorite things back Such as: coconut shy, coconut collecting, sandcastle building, fishing, beachball rolling, battleships, cooking grills, strongmen and portals, not to mention Clawdia herself.
It was the size of a beachball, took 90 minutes to complete an orbit of the Earth, travelled at 18,000 miles per hour - and this little object started the Space Race between the Russians and the Americans.
There is lots of humour in the pictures, the characters and in the words--too many forms to fill in, 'assaulting an officer with a beachball,' and the sign on the sandcastle 'Nothing to see here.
Baw's burst for Joey The Celtic players relished winding up Barton after his pop shots at the Hoops in the summer and Mikael Lustig put a burst beachball on his head as he taunted the Gers star
Despite a massive air-sea search, lasting a week and using both RAF and private aircraft alongside RNLI and coastguard boats, only 12 bodies were recovered - along with the Darlwyne's dinghy and a child's beachball.
A cute droid called BB-8, shaped like a beachball, provides plenty of humour and proves a worthy successor to R2-D2.
It doesn't have blowback; the velocity isn't 400 fps and the accuracy is similar to that of a beachball on a windy day.
Basically one of our future projects aims at levitating something that's like a beachball ten metres away and we think this could be very useful for zero gravity environments, like under water or in the International Space Station.