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1. One who scavenges along beaches or in wharf areas.
2. A seaside vacationer.

beach′comb′ (bēch′kōm′) v.


vb (intr)
to search for and collect objects such as seashells and driftwood along the seashore
ˈbeachˌcombing n
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This volume details popular and little-known areas in British Columbia's Desolation Sound and the Discovery Islands of interest to sailors, power-boaters, or kayakers, including anchorages, picnic stops, marine parks, marinas, and public wharfs, as well as places to hike, beachcomb, dig clams, or swim.
"Seldovia is small enough to be covered on foot, so travelers can leave their cars in Homer, hop aboard the ferry for the 15-mile crossing and have a half day to explore, beachcomb or visit the museum and a Russian Orthodox Church dating back to 1891," said Sarah Richardson of the Seldovia Village Tribe.
They were allowed to get a permit and beachcomb, but they never got much.
Geoffrey Farmer, Brian Jungen and Myfanwy MacLeod beachcomb their culture as well as beachcombing for materials to make sculptures and drawings about their experience as contemporary North Americans.
Along the beach, other travelers find fossils, hike, beachcomb, take pictures, fish and hunt for ducks.