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1. The shore of a body of water, especially when sandy or pebbly.
2. The sand or pebbles on a shore.
3. The zone above the water line at a shore of a body of water, marked by an accumulation of sand, stone, or gravel that has been deposited by the tide or waves.
v. beached, beach·ing, beach·es
1. To run, haul, or bring ashore: beached the rowboat in front of the cabin; hooked a big bluefish but was unable to beach it.
2. To cause (a whale or other sea animal) to be unable to swim free from a beach.
1. To run or be hauled ashore: We beached near the palm trees.
2. To be stranded on a beach. Used of sea animals.

[Perhaps Middle English beche, stream, from Old English bece.]
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adjective stranded, grounded, abandoned, deserted, wrecked, ashore, marooned, aground, high and dry A beached whale is a creature to be loved, rescued and cared for.
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He wondered why only three sweeps were pulling, and he wondered still more when, beached, there was so much delay in getting out of the boat.
After initial signs that the fertilizer accelerated microbial breakdown of beached crude oil (SN: 7/15/89, p.