beacon fire

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Noun1.Beacon fire - a fire (usually on a hill or tower) that can be seen from a distancebeacon fire - a fire (usually on a hill or tower) that can be seen from a distance
visual signal - a signal that involves visual communication
signal fire, signal light - a fire set as a signal
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Every night they talked over what they had seen, and their own dull, uneventful life took a warmth and a coloring from their neighbors as a blank wall reflects a beacon fire.
Strange, if the little sick-room fire were in effect a beacon fire, summoning some one, and that the most unlikely some one in the world, to the spot that MUST be come to.
Named after one of the best-known medieval beacon fire networks in Europe that warned of invaders, Soltra Edge will connect and streamline the flow of threat intelligence between societies, people, and devices by processing large amounts of threat data, enhancing efficiencies and allowing immediate action to counter the threat and mitigate risk.
DRAW: Men - City of Edinburgh v Bon Accord, Lenzie v Glasgow Mets, Beacon Fire v City of Glasgow Ragazzi, Glasgow Mets II v Edinburgh Jets.
Beacon Fire and Shooting Star: The Literati Culture of the Liang (502-557).
It was great to link ourselves with the Inner Farne last year through the beacon fire.
ALLENDALE Beacon Fire makes the crossing from Chilli Festival to Beer Festival at the Stephenson Building, Forth Street, Newcastle, tomorrow.
Our chilli beer is doing well and we'll call it Beacon Fire to celebrate the Illuminating Hadrian's Wall event that takes place next month.