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Noun1.beacon light - a tower with a light that gives warning of shoals to passing shipsbeacon light - a tower with a light that gives warning of shoals to passing ships
tower - a structure taller than its diameter; can stand alone or be attached to a larger building
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Without doubt, this strange beacon light would awaken far away, the woodcutter of the hills of Bicêtre, terrified to behold the gigantic shadow of the towers of Notre-Dame quivering over his heaths.
I caught a glimpse of a black mass disappearing in the east, its beacon lights dying out in the distance.
The sea was calm, and, with a fresh breeze from the south-east, they sailed beneath a bright blue sky, in which God also lighted up in turn his beacon lights, each of which is a world.
The DMP sources further said cases were filed against 1,087 vehicles for going into wrong way, 115 vehicles for using hydraulic horns, three for using hooters and beacon light and eight vehicles were booked for using black glasses on windows.
Even in the company of giants like Prof Dr Nazir Ahmed (legendary principal of Government College, Lahore) and Faiz Ahmed Faiz he shone like a beacon light.
They said Hazrat Imam-e-Hussain (RA) thoughts, teachings and principles are the beacon light for mankind.
MIRPUR (AJK) -- AJK President Sardar Masood Khan, while paying rich tributes to founder President of Azad Jammu Kashmir Ghazi-e-Millat Sardar Ibrahim Khan on his 15th death anniversary said that meritorious services of the veteran departed leader in the Kashmir freedom struggle are the beacon light for the existing and coming generations.
As a matter of fact, his life is beacon light for the nation and all of us should strictly adhere to his golden motto (unity, faith and discipline) for their success.
The Maruti Suzuki vehicles given to the Haryana police feature a beacon light, siren, public address system and police stickers.
We will make the strategy and principles laid down by Nawaz Sharif as beacon light and turn the country into cradle of peace and prosperity.
The other affiliates include Beacon Light Behavioral Health System, Beacon Light Adult Residential Services, Stairways Behavioral Health and Forest Warren Mental Wellness Association.