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a. The bill of a bird, especially one that is strong and curved, such as that of a hawk or a finch.
b. A similar structure in other animals, such as turtles, insects, or fish.
2. A usually firm, tapering tip on certain plant structures, such as some seeds and fruits.
3. A beaklike structure or part, as:
a. The spout of a pitcher.
b. A metal or metal-clad ram projecting from the bow of an ancient warship.
4. Informal The human nose.
5. Chiefly British Slang
a. A schoolmaster.
b. A judge.

[Middle English bek, from Old French bec, from Latin beccus, of Celtic origin.]

beaked (bēkt) adj.
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Adj.1.beaked - having or resembling a beakbeaked - having or resembling a beak    
beakless - not having a beak or bill
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[biːkt] ADJpicudo
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A foreign friend once pointed it out to me, in the skeleton of a foe he had slain, and with the vertebrae of which he was inlaying, in a sort of basso-relievo, the beaked prow of his canoe.
The commander of the first Roman galley must have looked with an intense absorption upon the estuary of the Thames as he turned the beaked prow of his ship to the westward under the brow of the North Foreland.
Between bold headlands of rock and under a gray cloud-blown sky, a dozen boats, long and lean and dark, beaked like monstrous birds, were landing on a foam-whitened beach of sand.
Man keeps the natives of many climates in the same country; he seldom exercises each selected character in some peculiar and fitting manner; he feeds a long and a short beaked pigeon on the same food; he does not exercise a long-backed or long-legged quadruped in any peculiar manner; he exposes sheep with long and short wool to the same climate.
From the veranda he had seen him fling sticks of exploding dynamite into a screeching mass of blacks who had come raiding from the Beyond in the long war canoes, beaked and black, carved and inlaid with mother-of-pearl, which they had left hauled up on the beach at the door of Meringe.
Broad-nosed whales and beaked whales; pike-headed whales; bunched whales; under-jawed whales and rostrated whales, are the fishermen's names for a few sorts.
Meanwhile the Southwind rose, & with black wings Wide hovering, all the Clouds together drove From under Heav'n; the Hills to their supplie Vapour, and Exhalation dusk and moist, Sent up amain; and now the thick'nd Skie Like a dark Ceeling stood; down rush'd the Rain Impetuous, and continu'd till the Earth No more was seen; the floating Vessel swum Uplifted; and secure with beaked prow Rode tilting o're the Waves, all dwellings else Flood overwhelmd, and them with all thir pomp Deep under water rould; Sea cover'd Sea, Sea without shoar; and in thir Palaces Where luxurie late reign'd, Sea-monsters whelp'd And stabl'd; of Mankind, so numerous late, All left, in one small bottom swum imbark't.
'Let me die forthwith,' he replies, 'and be avenged of my enemy, rather than abide here by the beaked ships, a laughing-stock and a burden of the earth.' Had Achilles any thought of death and danger?
Mr Deasy will only sell to someone who would respect its wildlife, which includes 400 geese, 20 grey seals and two colonies of black beaked gulls
The beaked burglar has been swooping down on gardens in the Hollin Terrace area and helping himself to a free fish supper.
Another sculpture is composed of the head of a bolt cutter, covered with Play-doh to resemble a severely beaked bird, then mounted on a plaque from Medgar Evers College.