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top to bottom: black skimmer, pileated woodpecker, and American goldfinch


a. The bill of a bird, especially one that is strong and curved, such as that of a hawk or a finch.
b. A similar structure in other animals, such as turtles, insects, or fish.
2. A usually firm, tapering tip on certain plant structures, such as some seeds and fruits.
3. A beaklike structure or part, as:
a. The spout of a pitcher.
b. A metal or metal-clad ram projecting from the bow of an ancient warship.
4. Informal The human nose.
5. Chiefly British Slang
a. A schoolmaster.
b. A judge.

[Middle English bek, from Old French bec, from Latin beccus, of Celtic origin.]

beaked (bēkt) adj.
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Adj.1.beaked - having or resembling a beakbeaked - having or resembling a beak    
beakless - not having a beak or bill
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[biːkt] ADJpicudo
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