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Adj.1.beaklike - resembling the beak of a birdbeaklike - resembling the beak of a bird; "a grizzled man with a beaklike nose"
beaked - having or resembling a beak
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For these characteristics and for their curved, fluted, beaklike tip, the type 1 sensilla are also similar to the denticulate setae described in other decapod shrimp (Bauer and Caskey, 2006), which are much shorter and can be compared to the type 2 sensilla found in large numbers on both flagella.
Hands show beaklike projections from second and third metacarpal heads and scapholunate advanced collapse (Case 2).
These delightful plants have beaklike seed capsules that resemble the bills of storks or herons.
His beaklike nose extends in a continuous arc from his large brow and balding forehead, contrasting with the images of the visibly white clients' noses, which all protrude angularly from their faces.
While there were extensive makeup tests to match du Pont's distinctive beaklike nose and receding hairline, Miller says they never even discussed the physicality of the character.
Beaklike mouthparts can gouge substantial divots (bottom) as bumpheads swallow coral to get at the tasty organisms hidden within.