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Noun1.beam scale - a portable balance consisting of a pivoted bar with arms of unequal lengthbeam scale - a portable balance consisting of a pivoted bar with arms of unequal length
balance - a scale for weighing; depends on pull of gravity
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I'm still using an old Ohaus beam scale from back in the day--and it serves its purpose like a champ.
"That took about the same amount of time it took me to set my powder measure." Jay still has his e-scale, but only uses it for weighing cast bullets, since for that use it is quicker than his beam scale.
The daily work demands of sterilizing equipment, measuring dosages on a balance beam scale, and traveling the outback to visit patients attest to the persistence of care givers dedicated to health.
The Lock-N-Load Balance Beam Scale is consistent to within 1/10th of a grain.
I rarely use a balance beam scale anymore because digital scales are so much faster.
Heck, many of today's younger handloaders have never even enjoyed the time consuming, head scratching and headache inducing pleasure offered by a traditional balance beam scale.
The electronic scale stabilizes within a second or so, but even the best magnetic damping on a beam scale takes many times longer.
If you're using a conventional balance beam scale, the case can still be used to transfer powder to the scale pan.