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ánsar campestreganso de las habas
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There are two White-fronted Geese and a brace of Bean Geese, both very rare in winter in modern Egypt.
We examined 8 Baikal teals, 3 bean geese, 1 whooper swan, and 2 mallard ducks naturally infected with HPAI A(H5N8) virus.
Firecrests and Cetti's Warbler remain at RSPB Conwy, but two Bean Geese flew up the estuary without pausing.
Glossy Ibis Picture: EMYR EVANS Two Tundra Bean Geese from the far west - part of an unprecedented UK-wide winter influx - were in fields near Aber Ogwen, Bangor.
It has already suggested some species, including white-fronted and bean geese, mallard and tufted ducks, plus common and black-headed gulls.
JUST as we seem set to lose our biggest game bird, the Capercaillie, originally introduced from Scandinavia, flocks of new visitors from Scandinavia, Bean Geese, are settling in their thousands on wetlands near Falkirk.
The following observations were mentioned: very poor success and low numbers of long-tailed ducks and bean geese at Russkiy Zavorot (4); no nesting of white-fronted geese and king eiders and very low numbers of long-tailed ducks at Yamal (5); very low numbers of king eiders and long-tailed ducks at Malaya Logata (7); large numbers of nonbreeders or failed breeders of brent geese, long-tailed ducks, and bar-tailed godwits at Knipovich Bay (8); low numbers of nesting black-bellied brent geese and common eiders at Howe Island (19); very low nesting density of green-winged teal, black duck, common scorer, and surf scorer at Laforge I (28).
Conservationists have filed suit on behalf of a flock of migratory bean geese against Ibaraki prefecture (state) Gov.
Those who went to at Llyn Coron to see the bean geese (re-identified this week as the tundra race, from east of the Russian Urals), also spotted a Siberian chiffchaff roving the willows among a flock of tits.
I rolled up on Monday, and the three Taiga bean geese were easily distinguished, grazing away from the others.