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Adj.1.bean-shaped - having a shape resembling a beanbean-shaped - having a shape resembling a bean  
rounded - curving and somewhat round in shape rather than jagged; "low rounded hills"; "rounded shoulders"
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You''ve had sinusitis, a cold or a sore throat and noticed a tender bean-shaped lump behind your ear which you can move underneath the skin.
Subgenus Neoilliesiella Wagner et Ozdikmen, 2006 may be separated from subgenus Heleodromia by the pregenital segments being rather thick with sternites 7-8 not reduced in size and male genitalia not bean-shaped, while in subgenus Heleodromia the pregenital segments are distinctly narrowed with sternites 7-8 reduced in size and male genitalia are bean-shaped (Wagner 1985; Wang et al.
Setony sterile gauze; Tokens of non-sterile gauze; Tupfery gas nonsterile and thread bean-shaped X-ray and a sphere; Tupfery gas thread barren bean-shaped X-ray; Tupfery sterile gas in the shape of a sphere - 9 items in Parts.
The bean-shaped, three-story club fronting a man-made beach is within the resort-themed Azure condominium community in Paranaque City.
They come in caramel or hazelnut flavour and each bean-shaped biscuit can be snapped in half so it's small enough to dunk even in espresso cups.
These factors include the size of the hippocampus--a string bean-shaped structure involved in making memories--and how connected the area was with other parts of the brain.
The distinctive, jelly bean-shaped windows, for example, are pink.
The bean-shaped device, hence the name the "Water Bean," uses simple granulated charcoal, like any other filtration device, that filters out all the nasty chemicals, smells and tastes from any city tap water or other less trusted source of water and in doing so, adds healthy minerals.
In infrared images of the galactic centre, the cloud-which is 30 light-years long-appears as a bean-shaped silhouette against a bright backdrop of dust and gas glowing in infrared light.
Located in different areas of the body, these bean-shaped, tiny organs are the most important components of our immune system.
I started the day with a Max chocolatier hot chocolate served on an elaborate tray with a large cocoa bean-shaped chocolate to dunk into the milk.
The Megasaurus" is an unusual creative book about some bean-shaped bears that face a problem.