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n. pl. bean·er·ies Informal
An inexpensive restaurant or café.


n, pl -eries
informal US a cheap restaurant


(ˈbi nə ri)

n., pl. -er•ies. Informal.
a cheap, usu. inferior, restaurant.
[1885–90, Amer.]


n (US inf) → billiges Speiselokal
References in classic literature ?
Straight to New York they hie, and lay their goods at the feet of the girl who serves them beans in a beanery.
This was the observation made by two guys who frequent the West Hollywood dive bar and restaurant called Barney's Beanery.
At the SM Foodcourt, local and international fast-food chains like American chain of pretzel shop Auntie Anne's, Singaporean bakery BreadTalk, and US brands like Burgoo, KFC, Coffee Beanery Mrs.
He was a regular for many years at The Beanery on Fifth Avenue.
The souq's other prominent eateries are Royal Tandoor, Coffee Beanery, Al Shahw, Easair Caf`, Al Aker Sweets, Gharissa, Lyaly Alhelmya, Al Baranda Coffeeshop, Al Tseenat Caf`, Kushari Al Umda and Kushari Al Umda.
The Food Court is located to the left of the Public Village where food and beverages can be purchased from top vendors such as Pizza Hut, Asiana, Arbys, Sterling Fast Food, TCBY and Coffee Beanery.
The contest began over a decade ago, when Michael Kanala owned Basket Beanery on High Street.
On the eve of the wedding the bridegroom's parents honored the couple with a rehearsal dinner at Second Street Beanery in Columbia.
The company has grown from a single Burger King restaurant in Milwaukee into a 12-store operation plus 68 Pizza Huts throughout four states along with five Haagen-Dazs and five Coffee Beanery stores.
The Chis took over the former Coffee Beanery adjacent to the Chi's Express space, redid the Chinese restaurant's kitchen and expanded its seating to accommodate about 100 dine-in guests, Tju said.
com)-- Barney's Beanery, the third oldest restaurant in Los Angeles and a renowned celebrity hangout, has launched its fifth “Rock the Beer Vote” campaign this week throughout all five of their Los Angeles-area locations, once again putting the power of the Vote into the hands of their customer in the form of a cold one.
The Group noted that after selling another popular franchise, Coffee Beanery, at a profit and closing down Burger King branches, Laser Investment is moving towards a new era of restructuring and reorganisation, to return it to a profitable course.