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Noun1.beany - a small skullcapbeany - a small skullcap; formerly worn by schoolboys and college freshmen
skullcap - rounded brimless cap fitting the crown of the head
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He changed his name by deed poll to Captain Beany. He began painting his face and bald head orange (later even getting it tattooed), donned a golden cape, pants, gloves and boots and began living his life as a fundraising superhero from Planet Beanus, raising thousands of pounds for good causes.
The poor soul I'm talking about is Captain Beany, South Wales' Heinz-obsessed eccentric and self-confessed caped crusader from the alien planet of Beanus, who was featured on Channel 4's Britain's Weirdest Council Houses.
And it's that residual mourning that's led him to transform the two bedroom council flat the pair shared into a 'Baked Bean Museum of Excellence', a shrine to '57 Varieties' that's even managed to get accreditation from the Wales Tourist Board "The council were a bit apprehensive at first, when they heard my plans for the front room," said Beany.
PERENNIAL comedy election candidate Captain Beany has had a change of image, and is standing in Aberavon as a protest against Labour candidate Stephen Kinnock - son of Neil and Glenys - who he claims has been parachuted into the area.
Val, 47, from Mossley Hill, created the Beany Back Massager after years of bending and leaning left her with constant aches and pains.
Officers have released CCTV of the thief who is described as white and was wearing a striped beany hat and dark clothing.
The 25-year-old English footballer was wearing a jacket and beany, but appeared to hunch his shoulders against the cold.
Joining them to show his love for his local environment, Captain Beany will be donning his cape and sweeping the 20k route of Cardiff's streets.
Ruthless Man could make no impact on the Fr Dan Greene-owned North Bound which raced home with two and a half lengths to spare in 29.60sec, with Beany Tunes five lengths third.
But shop assistants would barely have recognised Becks behind the bins and grey woollen beany hat because he looked more like fictional character Where's Wally?
Despite the wide variety of uses soymilk is still not consumed to the extent expected, due to the undesirable beany flavour [5].