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Noun1.bear claw - almond-flavored yeast-raised pastry shaped in an irregular semicircle resembling a bear's claw
coffee roll, sweet roll - any of numerous yeast-raised sweet rolls with our without raisins or nuts or spices or a glaze
2.bear claw - an incised design resembling the claw of a bear; used in Native American pottery
pattern, design, figure - a decorative or artistic work; "the coach had a design on the doors"
3.bear claw - claw of a bearbear claw - claw of a bear; often used in jewelry
claw - sharp curved horny process on the toe of a bird or some mammals or reptiles
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Hybrida seems like it would be scary with its sharp koala eyes, crocodile mouth, giraffe neck, bear claw, spider arm, gorilla body, wasp stinger, fast ostrich leg, and starfish leg that grows back.
The optional Bow Hunter package includes an Alpine Bear Claw Quiver, Copper John 4-pin Mark 1 sight, Axion 3-Inch stabilizer and your choice of QAD Ultra-Rest Hunter or Trophy Ridge Whisker Biscuit arrow rest.
It's fitting, therefore, that one of the area's newest breweries, Bear Claw, has chosen to celebrate Berwick's 900th anniversary by creating a special commemorative ale that will be unveiled for the first time at the food and beer festival.
Federal Premium loaded with the 225-grain Trophy Bonded Bear Claw is a good choice when sticking with one load for everything from mice to moose.
Today, the product line consists of more than 30 flavors, including several versions of Moose Tracks and other favorites like Caramel Caribou and Bear Claw.
It doesn't take long for the fallen angel to find 17-year-old Zachary, whose family's organic farm is being ruined by fracking; Haruto, living in Fukushima, Japan, where the nuclear meltdown is raging out of control; Mahakanta, a cotton farmer in India, who used GMO seeds with devastating results; the Amazonian tribe members, Conchita and her father, Pahtia, fighting against intruders illegally tearing down their rainforest; and the Bear Claw First Nation Tribe who are dealing with an unstoppable oil spill that is ruining their traditional hunting grounds.
A missing three-year-old boy was found in a bowling alley's bear claw machine while his mother frantically searched for him.
The Bear Claw is designed to accept common arrow sizes and all broadhead types.
The glove, called the Bear Claw, is infused with sensors that track the progress of physical therapy patients.
His portrait depicts him wearing Iowa honours showing his status - bear claw necklace, shell gorget, buffalo robe and an eagle feather.
The collection itself--started by Dyck's father in 1886--includes clothing, eagle feather bonnets, bear claw necklaces, buffalo hide tipis and tipi furnishings, shields, cradles, peace medals, moccasins, and the like.
If you're on a diet, your local donut shop could print you up a low-calorie version of your morning bear claw.