bear jam

n.1.A traffic jam caused by tourists stopping to look at bears near the road; - a phenomenon once common in Yellowstone Park, Wyoming.
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In the course of a single day, they might assist with a bear jam at Signal Mountain, talk to visitors hiking along String Lake or even get called to help relocate a campsite's paper wasp nest.
Then we get back in the car and on the way we come upon a bear jam - lots of cars and people looking at another bear and her two cubs.
Smoky Mountain Bear Jam, a new costumed bear stage show starring Grizz, a grizzly bear who drums; Ice, a polar bear who plays keyboard; Clay, a guitar-playing black bear; and panda Rae Ling, vocalist.
At the Canyon Village Ranger Station, as hikers inquire about backcountry campsites, an oversized walkie-talkie begins crackling with a familiar broadcast: "We've got another bear jam on the north side of Dunraven Pass," declares an anonymous voice.