bear with

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bear with

(intr, preposition) to be patient with: bear with me while I tell you my story.
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يَصْبُ، يَتَحَمَّل، يكونُ طويلَ الأناة
mít strpení s
bære over med
sÿna òolinmæîi
mať trpezlivosť s
katlanmaksabır göstermektahammül etmek

w>bear with

vi +prep objtolerieren; if you would just bear with me for a couple of minuteswenn Sie sich vielleicht zwei Minuten gedulden wollen
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(beə) past tense bore (boː) : past participle borne (boːn) verb
1. (usually with cannot, ~could not etc) to put up with or endure. I couldn't bear it if he left.
2. to be able to support. Will the table bear my weight?
3. (past participle in passive born (boːn) ) to produce (children). She has borne (him) several children; She was born on July 7.
4. to carry. He was borne shoulder-high after his victory.
5. to have. The cheque bore his signature.
6. to turn or fork. The road bears left here.
ˈbearable adjective
able to be endured.
ˈbearer noun
a person or thing that bears. the bearer of bad news.
ˈbearing noun
1. manner, way of standing etc. a military bearing.
2. (usually in plural. sometimes short for ˌball-ˈbearings) a part of a machine that has another part moving in or on it.
ˈbearings noun plural
location, place on a map etc; The island's bearings are 10 North, 24 West.
bear down on
1. to approach quickly and often threateningly. The angry teacher bore down on the child.
2. to exert pressure on. The weight is bearing down on my chest.
bear fruit
to produce fruit.
bear out
to support or confirm. This bears out what you said.
bear up
to keep up courage, strength etc (under strain). She's bearing up well after her shock.
bear with
to be patient with (someone). Bear with me for a minute, and you'll see what I mean.
find/get one's bearings
to find one's position with reference to eg a known landmark. If we can find this hill, I'll be able to get my bearings.
lose one's bearings
to become uncertain of one's position. He's confused me so much that I've lost my bearings completely.
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