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Adj.1.bear-sized - large as a bearbear-sized - large as a bear      
big, large - above average in size or number or quantity or magnitude or extent; "a large city"; "set out for the big city"; "a large sum"; "a big (or large) barn"; "a large family"; "big businesses"; "a big expenditure"; "a large number of newspapers"; "a big group of scientists"; "large areas of the world"
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As if he were reading to us kids again, George said we don't need itty bitty tax cuts, we need some Papa Bear-sized tax cuts.
National forest managers, meanwhile, have a bear-sized job in the recovery effort as they encounter some hikers who want a "safe" (meaning grizzly-less) outdoor experience--just one component in complex forest-management plans that include the needs of loggers, miners, and cattle/sheep ranchers for whom business usually comes before bears.