bearing false witness

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Noun1.bearing false witness - criminal offense of making false statements under oath
infraction, misdemeanor, misdemeanour, violation, infringement - a crime less serious than a felony
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If, when I come back, I fail to prove to you that Miss Bygrave is the woman who wore that disguise, and used those threatening words, in Vauxhall Wall, I will engage to leave your service at a day's notice; and I will atone for the sin of bearing false witness against my neighbor by resigning every claim I have to your grateful remembrance, on your father's account as well as on your own.
The trio have been charged of bearing false witness after the papers they signed stated that the woman did not get married after divorce -- which was proved false.
The Christian 8th Commandment, e.g., forbids "bearing false witness." Prof.
If the officers involved are lying, they could be charged with bearing false witness and conspiracy to defame.
BEIRUT: Grand Mufti Sheikh Mohammad Rashid Qabbani Monday described the massacre in the Syrian town of Houla as a brutal atrocity and accused international monitors in Syria of bearing false witness about what is taking place in the country.
Theft, adultery, infanticide, bearing false witness, and disobeying the Prophet are proscribed.
For, he pointed, the Koran advises against bearing false witness more than once.
Further in God's law is respect for truth, in the ban on bearing false witness. And finally is respect for God, with the instruction to "Have no other gods before me." Those ideas, he said, are found not only in the founding documents for the United States, but all of the colonial charters as well as the constitutions for all 50 states.
"There's a lot of misinformation in this debate, and there are some folks who are frankly bearing false witness" (ABC News, 8/19/2009).
"Say whatever is needed to get alongside and get a ticket without bearing false witness.