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1. Resembling or similar to a bear in appearance or manner.
2. Causing, expecting, or characterized by falling prices or declining economic conditions.

bear′ish·ly adv.
bear′ish·ness n.
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These include China's stock market tumble, turmoil in Greece, prospects for a nuclear deal with Iran, rising oil output from Opec, an uptick in rigs drilling for oil in the US for the first time in over six months, and bearishness among commodity-focused hedge funds and banks.
But after four years of underperformance against DM stocks, these downside risks look decently priced in, and it is worth noting that macro data prints have actually been quite strong recently compared to extended consensus economist bearishness.
Summary: Muscat: The MSM30 index offset Sunday's bearishness and closed at 5644.
The dollar traded narrowly in the lower 82 yen zone in Tokyo morning deals, maintaining its bearishness on Friday in New York where the currency fell below the 82 yen line at one point, as the perceived safety of the Japanese yen also drew buying against the U.
Rising prices and falling open interest: If prices are rising but open interest is going down at a rate higher than its average, it indicates bearishness.
Falling prices and rising open interest: If prices fall and open interest rises (more than its average), it shows bearishness.
This pair is in a downtrend and seems poised to continue that bearishness as it moves down towards support.
Market analysts attributed the fall to global market trends with bearishness visible Dow Jones, Nikkei and Nasdaq.
8 in August, reflecting the series of interest rate rises from the Bank of England and growing bearishness about the outlook for the property market.
dollar fell slightly versus the yen Thursday in Tokyo as persistent bearishness and sell orders from exporters outweighed Wednesday's interventions by Japanese monetary authorities.
The FTSE/Xinhua China 25 Index closed lower for the second consecutive session, dragged down by the continued bearishness on Wall Street, dealers contacted by Xinhua Financial Network said.
Bearishness continues to shadow the yen due to continued weakness in the Japanese economy, dealers in New York said.