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A style of vocal percussion associated with hip-hop in which sounds produced in the vocal tract are used to create funk rhythms.

[From beatbox, from a notion likening a vocal percussionist to a drum machine.]
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a form of hip-hop music in which the voice is used to simulate percussion instruments
ˈbeatˌboxer n
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For his solo project, Johnny combines his multitude of experience with electronic trap and hip hop production, as well as his fluid knowledge of rock and classical guitar in addition to his own beatboxing powers.
In addition, the company are particularly looking for people with skills in physical theatre, beatboxing and/or singing and music.
MEET Joe Walker - the Gateshead beatboxer who has earned the trip of a lifetime to represent Great Britain at one of the biggest beatboxing contests in the world.
Before this show, I didn't believe I would ever like beatboxing - well, that's certainly changed.
Beatboxing involves mimicking drum machines with the use of one's lips, tongue and voice.
Q Tell us something about yourself: A I am a pioneer of the UK beatboxing scene in the UK.
IANS From expressing his love for Indian cuisine, getting nostalgic about the time spent with Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar last year and beatboxing while showing some dance moves to Indian fans, Hollywood actor Will Smith gave a 'desi' twist to his work trip in India while promoting his forthcoming film Bright.
Performances included dancing, singing, beatboxing, magic performances and music, to name a few.
Fans of urban music will not want to miss the return to the stage of local beatboxing star, Cull, who has organised a very special show tonight in Belfast's Oh Yeah Centre.
Beatboxing duo and friends Ilan Swartz-Brownstein and Joshua Shlomo Mendel Leviton made a smart choice to call themselves "Ilan and Josh," because their full names are a mouthful even for members of the Tribe, let alone Gentiles.
Six performers mix beatboxing, music and hip-hop with basketballinspired movement and poetry.