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Showing or producing exalted joy or blessedness: a beatific smile.

[Latin beātificus : beātus, happy (from past participle of beāre, to bless; see deu- in Indo-European roots) + -ficus, -fic.]

be′a·tif′i·cal·ly adv.
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[ˌbiːəˈtɪfɪklɪ] ADVbeatíficamente
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He lowered to earth his eyes, beatifically raised to Heaven, and recognized Friquet.
Commissioner told the officials that all footpaths should be constructed in a similar design and zebra crossing should be constructed with red paver beatifically and aesthetically free from all type of encroachments.
Rattle's use of quadriple woodwind and bumping pairs of trumpets really clarified the textures (was this Mahler's idea?), the Scherzo was given genuine status, looking beyond Mendelssohnian trippery to Brucknerian demonism, and the double variations of the Adagio flowed beatifically, shattered immediately by the intrusion of the finale's vision of a new world.
We may have gotten close--It felt that way; the ease was both inexplicable and beatifically jarring.
So, how is your fasting coming along, people ask me politely and I smile beatifically and say, "Good, thank you."
You spend a lot of time beatifically smiling, saying, "Oh, I think you're thinking of my sister," and feeling loved despite having done nothingreally, nothingto deserve it.
Other luminaries profess to be real role models for the viewing and emulating public by proclaiming that they're giddily happy with their love and marital lives, and then sharing why their marriages are so wonderful, to 'teach' viewers how to be similarly, beatifically blessed!
Each one appeared on the steps of No 10 smiling beatifically for the cameras wrapped in an aura of bliss and saintliness.
And lucky May will polish her own halo, smiling beatifically at the masses as she divides and rules a badly split Labour Party.
The Peronist feel is reinforced by the cringeworthy emphasis on Trump's children, who were filmed throughout the convention smiling beatifically and waving at adoring crowds from the royal box (Bill Maher makes a similar point).
The work comprises a flatscreen inside a bespoke cabinet, wrapped in a print of a multiracial "family." They smile beatifically at the camera, their faces covered in streaks of dark and light highlighter--the kind of contour makeup created especially to enhance one's bone structure on-screen, and made famous by the likes of Kim Kardashian.
It's only an image of him, smiling beatifically, on a billboard.