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tr. & intr.v. beau·ti·fied, beau·ti·fy·ing, beau·ti·fies
To make or become beautiful.

beau′ti·fi·ca′tion (-fĭ-kā′shən) n.
beau′ti·fi′er n.
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Noun1.beautification - the act of making something more beautifulbeautification - the act of making something more beautiful
change of state - the act of changing something into something different in essential characteristics
beauty treatment - enhancement of someone's personal beauty
glamorisation, glamorization, glamourisation, glamourization - the act of glamorizing; making something or someone more beautiful (often in a superficial way)
References in classic literature ?
It is the order of the Sirkar, and the money is spent for the planting of trees and the beautification of the ways.
Meyers branch, in conjunction with Tampa's Mayor's Beautification Program and the Parks and Recreation Department, planted a tree in Al Lopez Park.
He issued these directives while presiding over a meeting on the beautification of Nowshera and also asked about the progress report on the Rapid Bus Transit at Chief Minister House Peshawar.
Project Description : Beautification of Sriram Vihar at Burla in Sambalpur city, Odisha
MINGORA -- Cultural activists and civil society members here on Friday urged the district administration to highlight the rich cultural heritage of Swat valley in its beautification project.
SIALKOT -- The newly formed Parks and Horticultural Authority (PHA) Sialkot has decided to work for the beautification of the city.
The meeting comes in implementation to decision of the GCC Municipal Affairs Ministers on forming a specialized team of city beautification in the GCC countries.
The Hollywood/Los Angeles Beautification Team, which planted the trees and hosted the event, rededicated the trees Monday, along with others that formed a circle of unity.
Beautification and Ribbon Ceremony takes place at Sarah T.
KARACHI -- Mayor of Karachi, Wassem Akhtar on Friday visited the national stadium and said that the beautification and cleanliness work in surroundings of the Stadium will be completed before final match of the Pakistan Super League (PSL).
Project Description : Beautification of pond at Sahaswana village, Hardarpur, Uttar Pradesh
6billion is being spent on the development and beautification of all divisional headquarters including Peshawar.