beaver fur

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Noun1.beaver fur - the soft brown fur of the beaverbeaver fur - the soft brown fur of the beaver  
fur, pelt - the dressed hairy coat of a mammal
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Now, hundreds of Lincoln's personal possessions, including a beaver fur stovepipe hat that Lincoln purportedly wore, as well as letters and other artifacts, are at risk of ending up on the auction block if the foundation can't pay off the hulking debt through state funding or private donations.
He grabbed some farm wire, shaped it, and asked his grandmother to sew a cozy round flap with beaver fur and velvet to each end of the wire.
Beaver fur was the most sought-after fur during the fort's time.
"Beaver fur has always been the pinnacle of materials for hat making.
And in 17th century Europe, beaver fur was so in demand (felted hats were a must for stylish gentlemen) that traders hunted beavers to near extinction.
Thus, we conducted additional literature searches in the Hudson's Bay Company Archives and the Archives of Manitoba which harbor most of the historical records of beaver fur trade in Canada.
The black felted beaver fur "bicorne" hat is one of only 19 examples left of the French emperor's unusual headwear, and was sold by Monaco's Grimaldi family.
The mukluks were made from hometanned caribou and moosehide, trimmed with beaver fur, and featured a colourful beaded floral design, and a depiction of a dog team.
Posh top hats were at first made from felted beaver fur but this was gradually replaced during the 19th century with silk plush, which is what my hat is made of.
The line combines elegant tailoring, a refined palette (blues, blacks, greens, grays, maroons, tans), and rich materials, including wool, beaver fur, cashmere, and mink.
Cartier and Champlain came a'knockin' in ships, and beaver fur was a'leaving in those same ships.