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1. Appropriate, suitable, or proper.
2. Pleasing or attractive to the eye.

be·com′ing·ly adv.
be·com′ing·ness n.
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Adv.1.becomingly - in a becoming mannerbecomingly - in a becoming manner; "she was becomingly dressed"
بِصورَةٍ مُلائِمَه أو لائِقَه
zarif bir şekilde


(o.f.) [bɪˈkʌmɪŋlɪ] ADV
1. (= fetchingly) [blush, smile] → de forma encantadora; [dress] → de modo favorecedor
2. (= suitably) → apropiadamente


(= suitably)passend
(= fetchingly)entzückend


(biˈkam) past tense became (biˈkeim) : past participle beˈcome verb
1. to come or grow to be. Her coat has become badly torn; She has become even more beautiful.
2. to qualify or take a job as. She became a doctor.
3. (with of) to happen to. What became of her son?
4. to suit. That dress really becomes her.
beˈcoming adjective
attractive. a very becoming dress.
beˈcomingly adverb
References in classic literature ?
"See," said Jupiter, to Venus, "how becomingly she behaves.
Nor were their ornaments like those in use to-day, set off by Tyrian purple, and silk tortured in endless fashions, but the wreathed leaves of the green dock and ivy, wherewith they went as bravely and becomingly decked as our Court dames with all the rare and far-fetched artifices that idle curiosity has taught them.
Dainty sandals encased her feet, while a wimple of violet silk bordered in gold fringe, lay becomingly over her head and shoulders.
Her hair, not yet very gray, was becomingly arranged, and her black gown was modish.
The next Sunday Lena appeared at church, a little late, with her hair done up neatly on her head, like a young woman, wearing shoes and stockings, and the new dress, which she had made over for herself very becomingly. The congregation stared at her.
The girls and women in our carriage behaved themselves modestly and becomingly all the way out, except that they smoked.
de Malicorne," exclaimed the comte; "you are a judge of horses, I perceive;" then, turning towards him again, he continued, "You are most becomingly dressed, M.
He seemed quite at a loss what to do or say -- how most becomingly to express his indignation.
Sir Walter talked of his youngest daughter; "Mr Elliot must give him leave to present him to his youngest daughter"(there was no occasion for remembering Mary); and Anne, smiling and blushing, very becomingly shewed to Mr Elliot the pretty features which he had by no means forgotten, and instantly saw, with amusement at his little start of surprise, that he had not been at all aware of who she was.
And then his hat sat so well, and the innumerable capes of his greatcoat looked so becomingly important!
I never saw anything more gracefully and more becomingly done in my life.
And then she had such a fine head of hair; raven-black and so becomingly arranged: a crown of thick plaits behind, and in front the longest, the glossiest curls I ever saw.