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1. Appropriate, suitable, or proper.
2. Pleasing or attractive to the eye.

be·com′ing·ly adv.
be·com′ing·ness n.
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Noun1.becomingness - the quality of being becoming
decorousness, decorum - propriety in manners and conduct
unbecomingness - the quality of being unbecoming
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Fanny had not a word to say against its becomingness, and, excepting what remained of her scruples, was exceedingly pleased with an acquisition so very apropos.
This base imbues not only an African beingness in the personality, but a teleological African becomingness as well.
These objects and spaces do not preexist the child's playing with them, but become meaningful in the encounter and demonstrate, as Aitken and Herman (1997) contend, the becomingness of culture.