bed board

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bed′ board`

or bed′board`,

a thin, rigid board placed between a mattress and bedspring to give firm support.
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The classic bed board is versatile, fit for a bedroom or a study.
The bed board at the end may add a cutesy rustic touch, but it means he can't even hang his feet over the edge.
Medworxx Utilisation Management, the flagship of Medworxx Patient Flow that includes electronic bed board and independent assessment components, currently serves 32%of the acute care beds in Canada.
It has an electronic bed board that allows us to push daily reports in very specific formats, so front-line associates can see hour-byhour performance and transporters can see hour-by-hour work from the previous day.
They haven't been out yet but they're defi-nitely climbers and Clyde has a lot of balance on the curved bed board.
So the result is, I am lying stock-still on a sardine tin bed board on a bus to Glasgow, with minimal headroom and four strangers surrounding me.
They include an admissions, discharge and transfer center that coordinates those patient transitions; a centralized, hospitalwide bed board used to track patient throughput; new policies for turning around inpatient rooms; and streamlining patient handoffs by nurses.
On that memorable Tuesday, patient care needs were met Leadership and Bed Board meetings were scheduled every few hours to enhance communication between the departments and ensure all areas were able to meet increased demand for their services I focused on staffing needs and arraigning "change of tours" for staff already at the hospital to work the next day, or night, while others stayed home and assumed shifts later in the week Between meetings, staffing magic, and reassurance to staff, the day flew.
The new bed board has enabled bed management across the entire hospital and a new tracking module gives staff an exact view of all patients and status.