bed of flowers

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Noun1.bed of flowers - a bed in which flowers are growingbed of flowers - a bed in which flowers are growing  
bed - a plot of ground in which plants are growing; "the gardener planted a bed of roses"
bed of roses, rose bed - a flower bed in which roses are growing
tulip bed - a flowerbed in which tulips are growing
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All hurriedly she knelt upon a bed Of flowers : of lilies such as rear'd the head
Of their all closing about Dora, when at last she begins to say good-bye, looking, with their bright colours and ribbons, like a bed of flowers. Of my darling being almost smothered among the flowers, and coming out, laughing and crying both together, to my jealous arms.
By this time we had come up to the Gardener, who was standing on one leg, as usual, and busily employed in watering a bed of flowers with an empty watering-can.
A bed of flowers in Stone's Stonefield Park has been designed to commemorate the 40th anniversary of HMS Collingwood being granted Freedom of Stafford Borough.
An existing bed of flowers fading next to the newly replanted living wall which is reflected in the steel wall of Grand Central
The sculpture consists of two forceful wave-shaped towers facing each other, made of a bed of flowers that rise from a chaotic framework of metal, just as women rise from the restrictive shackles of patriarchy.
Lying on a bed of flowers, Clarke went make-up free for the candid selfie.
As guests walked in, they felt as if they were floating on a bed of flowers and fairy lights.
The accommodation at Changing Lives in Newcastle was visited by 17 P&G employees who worked on the large garden and horticulture area, planting a large bed of flowers, painting planters and even revamping a large chicken coop.
An illustration showing Nintendo characters weeping around Iwata lying down with his eyes closed on a bed of flowers is going viral on Twitter.
To raise the funds for the bed of flowers in memory of Andrew Cor-field, Hemlington Community Council was set to hold a grand raffle and tombola at a family fun day tomorrow from 10am to 2pm.
Nolley also developed a beautiful hillside garden bed of flowers and greenery in the backyard, leaving ample room for her two young children to play.