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Noun1.bed pillow - a soft pillow for use on a bedbed pillow - a soft pillow for use on a bed  
pillow - a cushion to support the head of a sleeping person
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Tenders are invited for Printed Bed Sheet Of S/Q With Two Pillow Cover Of Double Bed Pillow Cover Size 70 X 45 Cm Make -Bombay Dying Or Bombay Mills .
IN Japan, a new bed pillow for women has been introduced that replicates the feeling of a man.
A plush, comfortable bed pillow from Red Envelope, perfect for reading in bed and comes with a slipcover that has handy pockets for a book, reading glasses and the TV remote.
Two recent bed pillow debuts are intended to provide a better night's rest.
It's about how often do you change your bed pillow or how often you wash your mattress pad," Mack said.
Put simply, if consumers had confidence that their water bottles could be transformed into the filling for a comfortable bed pillow, for example, they wouldn't think twice about recycling.
We work hard to let consumers know that there are basic questions they should be asking themselves when selecting their bed pillow," Talbert said.
Caption: Top right: Pacific Coast Feather launched its new license partnership with Spring Air, which includes this bed pillow, during the textiles market.
Rounding out the extensive collection, Springs adds an embroidered silk and cashmere throw, a silk-filled blanket and a bed pillow with a silk-lined cover.
On the synthetic bed pillow front, Hollander is showcasing the Double Support Ultra pillow, constructed of Cluster Puff fiberfill in a 300-thread-count, 100 percent cotton sateen shell; and the Elite Comfort-Down Alternative Pillow, clad in 400-thread-count, Supima cotton with a woven damask stripe and filled with Cluster Puff fiberfill.