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bed and breakfast

n. Abbr. B & B
A private residence, several rooms of which are set aside for overnight guests whose paid accommodations include breakfast.

bed′-and-break′fast adj.


an inn providing guests with a room for the night and breakfast the next morning for one inclusive price. Abbr.: B and B, B&B
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Noun1.bed-and-breakfast - an overnight boardinghouse with breakfastbed-and-breakfast - an overnight boardinghouse with breakfast
boarding house, boardinghouse - a private house that provides accommodations and meals for paying guests
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Priceline will add and market rooms of around 2,000 bed-and-breakfast inns listed on the company directory.
Innkeeper Florence Tarbox purchased the property in 1993 and turned it into a bed-and-breakfast for history buffs.
Craig is feeling under the weather today, so we're staying at this bed-and-breakfast another night.
pounds 283 Seven-night bed-and-breakfast stay at the San Pawl Hotel, St Paul's Bay, Malta.
SAN DIEGO -- Two boutique hotels and an upscale bed-and-breakfast inn, all of which opened their doors relatively recently, await San Diego visitors seeking accommodations beyond the homogeneity of the chain hotels.
A bed-and-breakfast in downtown North Little Rock drew a $575,000 transaction.
Not only does she base many of the characters in her books on family members (who don't seem to mind), her mysteries are all set in Washington, her home state, with the Emma Lord series set in Alpine (the Washington mill town Daheim's family lived in before she was born) and the Bed-and-Breakfast series, starring owner/operator Judith Flynn and her cousin Renie, set in Daheim's hometown of Seattle.
the third bed-and-breakfast operated by Monique Greenwood, is a booklover's paradise and a writer's haven.
This bed-and-breakfast is the only lodging, other than the Columbia Gorge Hotel, right on the river.
HUNDREDS of bed-and-breakfast businesses may be forced to close under new proposals designed to force out ``cowboy'' operators.
It was held at a lovely bed-and-breakfast on the Russian River.
Kay's interest in bed-and-breakfast inns began in 1988 after being named Miss Idaho.