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A covering, such as a sheet, blanket, or quilt, used on a bed.




a bedspread
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Noun1.bedcover - decorative cover for a bedbedcover - decorative cover for a bed    
bed clothing, bedclothes, bedding - coverings that are used on a bed
coverlet - a decorative bedspread (usually quilted)
quilted bedspread - a bedspread constructed like a thin quilt
غِطاءُ السَّرير
přehoz přes postel


bed-cover [ˈbɛdkʌvər] ncouvre-lit m, dessus-de-lit m


[ˈbɛdˌkʌvəʳ] ncopriletto


(bed) noun
1. a piece of furniture, or a place, to sleep on. The child sleeps in a small bed; a bed of straw.
2. the channel (of a river) or floor (of a sea) etc.
3. a plot in a garden. a bed of flowers.
4. layer. a bed of chalk below the surface.
-bedded suffix
having (a certain number or type of) bed(s). a double-bedded room.
ˈbedding noun
mattress, bedclothes etc.
ˈbedbug noun
a small blood-sucking insect that lives in houses, especially beds.
ˈbedclothes (-kləuðz) , ((American) -kləuz) noun plural
sheets, blankets etc.
ˈbedcover noun
a top cover for a bed.
ˈbedridden adjective
in bed for a long period because of age or sickness. She has been bedridden since the car accident.
ˈbedroom noun
a room for sleeping in.
ˈbedside noun
the place or position next to a person's bed. He was at her bedside when she died; (also adjective) a bedside table.
ˈbedspread noun
a top cover for a bed. Please remove the bedspread before you get into bed.
ˈbedtime noun
the time at which one normally goes to bed. Seven o'clock is the children's bedtime; (also adjective) a bedtime story.
bed and breakfast
lodging for the night, and breakfast only (not lunch or dinner).
bed of roses
an easy or comfortable place, job etc. Life is not a bed of roses.
go to bed
1. to get into bed. I'm sleepy – I think I'll go to bed now; What time do you usually go to bed?
2. (often with with) to have sexual intercourse with; to have a love affair with.
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Brilliant graphic images of masked luchadores alternate with bilingual large speech balloons, as the reader is completely drawn into the bedcover world of Lucha Libre, home base of the Great and Mighty Nikko.
The stunning bedcover, made by James Williams of Wrexham between 1842 and 1852, is normally on show at Wales's National History Museum, St Fagans, but features prominently in the British Folk Art exhibition at Tate Britain, which opens today.
Recently, songstress posted a photo from her W magazine photo shoot wherein she is lying underneath a white duvet bedcover, with two men on her sides.
GET THE LOOK: Kelly Hoppen Embroidered Coral Design Reversible Bedcover, in taupe, from PS43.
In the earliest examples of quilts from Colonial American times, the quilts were crafted to showcase the handicraft prowess of the quilter while also serving as a warm bedcover.
The fundraising auction was launched six months ago by an anonymous Bahraini woman, who knitted a bedcover - dubbed as the Blessing Blanket - when she underwent treatment for ovarian cancer and is now being treated for colon cancer.
A six-piece bedcover set originally quoted at Dh95 to one customer, was promptly re-offered to another shopper for Dh80 after a moment's silence -- and a frown from the original customer.
There will be an array of silk cushions and scarves designed from sarees, fridge magnets made from expired bread, cloth bags created using curtain and bedcover material, beautiful paper beading, jewellery-embellished with Swarovski stones, and even earring holders made from CDs on display.
Considered one of the jewels of the ROM's Textile Collection, this early 18th-century palampore, or bedcover, from India's Coromandel Coast is decorated with an intricate tree of life design inspired by a melange of Persian, European, Indian, and Chinese styles.
Mr Everitt added: "Sometimes I've gone into a property, pulled back the bedcover and there have literally been thousands of the mites.
The material excuse for the creation of the room is the marvellous wall-hangings, donated by Mrs Wrightsman, which are now kept well away from the visitor in the bed alcove; the bedcover and the inner hangings are modern, as also are the balustrade and three of the four chandeliers, copied from the fourth, which dates from about 1715.
Ceremony - Shingon tea pot pounds 25; Purity - Miyono teapots from pounds 15; Love - Glassware from pounds 3; Desire - Shimla satin quilted bedcover pounds 230, Sanwei micro-quilted cotton throw pounds 150, mohair throw pounds 70, Patnasilk bedcover pounds 230.