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Noun1.bedding material - material used to provide a bed for animalsbedding material - material used to provide a bed for animals
material, stuff - the tangible substance that goes into the makeup of a physical object; "coal is a hard black material"; "wheat is the stuff they use to make bread"
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In this study, we assessed the effect of cacao bean husk as bedding material in free stall barn compared to conventional stall surfaces; no bedding, sawdust, and chopped wheat straw.
Made of three co-extruded layers that become one during extrusion, the multi-layer HDPE pipe can be laid into excavated trenches without the need for expensive bedding material, said the company in a statement.
Spread the bedding material, soil and the material which is to be vermicomposted in the container.
The portable pipe padding attachments will screen and crush existing right-of-way material back into the pipeline trench, eliminating the need to haul in bedding material. The buckets are versatile and built for work in rough terrain such as frozen snow-covered ground or wet, muddy soil.
Badgers have litters of up to five young and keep the family 'home' scrupulously clean, changing bedding material on a regular basis and cleaning out toilet areas.
DUBAI - Emirates Fiber Industries, a subsidiary of bedding material manufacturer Safetex Group, plans to explore new markets in Africa to expand its business following the launch of UAE's first polyester staple fibre plant in Ras Al Khaimah.
Emirates Fibre, a subsidiary of bedding material manufacturer Safetex Group, expects to increase production to 1,500 tonnes a month by June, said Muhammad Saleem Ahmad, chairman chief executive of the group.
The KMC 6400 litter windrower forms windrows for composting bedding material in poultry houses, inverts the windrows, and spreads the bedding material for the next flock.
INTRODUCTION: Since the early stage of a calf's life is a critical period of time, housing and environmental factors, including floor and bedding material are important.
The Neanderthals lived the ultimate clean and literally green lifestyle, for they apparently constructed new beds out of grass every so often, using the old bedding material to help fuel the hearth.
I intend to try it as a cheekpiece on long guns and as stock bedding material for rifle actions and barrels.