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Let this, my young readers, be your constant maxim, that no man can be good enough to enable him to neglect the rules of prudence; nor will Virtue herself look beautiful, unless she be bedecked with the outward ornaments of decency and decorum.
The appearance of the Knight Templar was also changed; and, though less studiously bedecked with ornament, his dress was as rich, and his appearance far more commanding, than that of his companion.
For one dazed moment Miss Polly looked at her bedecked self, and at her surroundings; then she gave a low cry and fled to her room.
His hands, large and coarse, were plentifully bedecked with rings; and he wore a heavy gold watch-chain, with a bundle of seals of portentous size, and a great variety of colors, attached to it,--which, in the ardor of conversation, he was in the habit of flourishing and jingling with evident satisfaction.
In front of these were the high dignitaries of this mock heaven--gleaming blacks bedecked with precious stones, upon their foreheads the insignia of their rank set in circles of gold.
He was neatly attired in a plum-coloured coat, with as large a collar of black velvet as his figure could carry; a silken waistcoat, bedecked with golden sprigs; a chaste neckerchief much in vogue at that day, representing a preserve of lilac pheasants on a buff ground; pantaloons so highly decorated with side-stripes that each leg was a three-stringed lute; and a hat of state very high and hard.
At the Barasoain Church, or Our Lady of Mount Carmel Parish, an image of Mary was bedecked with different flowers of various colors.
Sue is guessing the pictures - one a giant group shot of staff and tenants, the other the hall bedecked for celebration - are connected to the coronation of King George Vi in 1936.
Residential colonies were decorated with twinkling lights and stars, and baubles such as bells, pine cones, apples, candies, tinsel and balloons bedecked trees, streets, houses and churches.
You can even buy trees that pop up completely bedecked and ready to go.
The show of patriotism does not end with flags A shirts, dresses, balloons and badges, as well as other memorabilia bedecked in the hallmark green and white, emblazoned with the national flag, are a hot commodity as people have started visiting markets, surveying the colourful and quirky offerings.
The Garrison town was bedecked with banners, bunting and blue and yellow bicycles as the riders came down the hill towards Catterick Garrison past the new Princes Gate Shopping Centre to the camp centre roundabout before turning right towards the start line.