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tr.v. be·dev·iled, be·dev·il·ing, be·dev·ils or be·dev·illed or be·dev·il·ling
1. To torment mercilessly; plague.
2. To worry, annoy, or frustrate.
3. To possess with or as if with a devil; bewitch.
4. To spoil; ruin.

be·dev′il·ment n.
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Noun1.bedevilment - the act of harassing someonebedevilment - the act of harassing someone  
harassment, molestation - the act of tormenting by continued persistent attacks and criticism
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"The lawyers have twisted it into such a state of bedevilment that the original merits of the case have long disappeared from the face of the earth.
And, my good fellow, if you will open your bedevilments to me when they come thick upon you, I may show you better ways out of them than you can find for yourself.'
This meditation was hardly disinterested or idly theoretical on Stevenson's part; as McLynn demonstrates in his biography, "The greatest problem bedeviling Stevenson's daily life in Monterey during the last four months of 1879 was a dire shortage of money," and the bedevilment continued into the first months of the new year as well, during which "[t]he austerity of his daily existence was a trial for a naturally extravagant man" (McLynn, RLS 162, 167).
After devoting two films to the bedevilment of the Lambert family-- specifically, the spirit of a spooky old hag that had attached itself to patriarch Josh (Patrick Wilson) from childhood-- the "Insidious" series seemed poised to continue on as a series of "Ghostbusters" style adventures involving paranormal investigators Specs (Whannell) and Tucker (Angus Sampson) and their mentor Elise (Shaye), who returned to the series in spectral form after dying (at Josh's hands) in the first film.
This bedevilment is not unknown to the naval warfare community: "The tactical commander is not playing three games of simultaneous chess; he is playing one game on three boards with pieces that may jump from one board to another." (26)
who attains her ends by sexual allurement and bedevilment.' (22) A similarly fastidious Atlantic Monthly reviewer used the play as an example of the 'swamps of vulgarity' represented by theatrical realism.
Coreen, Vicki's receptionist is even the archetypal geeky assistant an occult expert and computer whizz, able to instantly generate endless material on bedevilment with a single tap on the keyboard, taking her place in line next to Buffy's Willow and Supernatural's Dean.
This bedevilment of the Catholic hierarchy through the parody of the sacred Eucharist is precisely in the spirit of carnival that debases everything deemed pious, orthodox, or authoritarian.
I don't see racism as a British bedevilment as serious as our politically correct policies that are stifling free speech.
To limit such bedevilment Flora Cooke sat unsmiling in front of the stage in a grand chair (perhaps originally Parker's) partially facing the audience (Chris Holabird my interview, 6 December, 2004).
bedevilment" as they stand on a hill and roll boulders down toward the playground fence.
Swan, "The Bedevilment of Cape Anne (1692)," Essex Institute Historical Collec-tions, 117 (July 1981), 153-77.