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Any of various chiefly tropical Old World birds of the family Meropidae that have brightly colored plumage and feed on bees and wasps.
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(Animals) any insectivorous bird of the family Meropidae of tropical and subtropical regions of the Old World, having a long downward-curving bill and long pointed wings and tail: order Coraciiformes (kingfishers, etc)
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any of numerous colorful birds of the family Meropidae, inhabiting warm regions, that feed on flying insects.
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n (Orn) → Bienenfresser m
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Among other species, people can watch the European bee-eater, also known as the Slovak parrot.Hrusovska zdrz (Hrusov Reservoir), which is part of the Danube, is one of the most important places where birds winter in Slovakia.
Seasonal differences: Only 6 species (house sparrow, green bee-eater, red vented bulbul, Himalayan bulbul, common myna and Eurasian collared dove) were observed every month at every site.
Migrant birds also come through like the Eurasian bee-eater, Willow warbler, African pygmy kingfisher, and black cuckoo shrike.
Kale (the dog, not the Hawaiian boyfriend) was a confirmed and completely unrepentant bee-eater. He was also completely untrained; my stay-at-home mom bought him from a backyard breeder not long after I, the youngest child and last one to leave home, left the "nest." She needed another young being in the house to take care of--but she sort of forgot that I was the only one in the family who ever trained the family dogs.
"It's the Blue-headed bee-eater. It's rare and only found here.
There had been concerns that construction work would endanger the nesting site of the bee-eater bird.
A colourful Bee-eater would have been equally appreciated, but was photographed only by a camper at Beddgelert in June.
The book introduces its readers to some of the amazing birds, plants and mammals of the area, from the gorgeous Bee-eater with its vibrant plumage to the endangered Monk Seal, with its diving abilities.
As well as sloth bears, the park has leopards, Asian wild dog, Indian bison, and birds such as the tawnybellied babbler and blue-bearded bee-eater. You need add a visit to Kanha National Park for the tigers.
Blue-throated Bee-eater Merops viridis (Coraciiformes: Meropidae) is a bird species of family Meropidae with a very large distribution.
Populations of bee-eater and Cetti's warbler - species with a southerly distribution in Europe - have increased in recent years, while more northerly distributed species such as willow tit and brambling have been declining in the same period.